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Innerlight Supergreens: Electrically Charged Super Food
Learn all about Innerlight Supergreens Powder - why it can enhance your health, balance your body pH, help you to lose weight and strengthen your overall help. Also sign up for our free 5 Step Alkaline Diet Educational Series.

Innerlight Supergreens Ingredients
Innerlight Supergreens Powder and Capsules consist of 49 different vegetables, grasses, sprouts and grains as well as 125 vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Benefits of Innerlight Supergreens
The benefits of drinking Innerlight Supergreens Powder Drink include weight loss, achieving pH balance, rising your energy levels, improved skin, less colds and many more.

Alkaline Water Drops - Innerlight Prime pH Drops
Learn all about Innerlights Prime pH drops - alkaline water drops which help to achieve pH balance, act as antioxidants and strenghten your immune system.

Alkalize Your Body with Innerlight Supergreens & Prime pH Drops
Learn all about the two alkalizing products Supergreens and Prime pH - why they help to achieve pH balance and lose weight, what's inside and how to order.

InnerLight Supergreens & Prime pH - Dosage Instructions
Learn how to mix Supergreens Powder and Prime pH drops with water and receive lots of helpful tips to get best results.

Innerlight Value Packs
Learn all about Innerlights Value Packs (Starter Pack, Alkalizer Pack, LightenUp Pack, Foundation Pack etc.) - an amazing value for money!

Dr Robert O Young & Innerlight Supergreens
Learn more about Dr Robert O Young who developed Supergreens & Prime pH. Detailed information about his New Biology and his alkalizing products.

The Importance of pH Balance
Learn why the pH of our body fluids is important for your health, how an pH imbalance (Acidosis) can harm your cells, and what you can do to restore a healthy pH balance.

Health Resources & Health Directories
A list of health directories as well as helpful resources about Alkaline Diet, Alkaline Water and other health related topics.

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Book Dr Young
The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health
by Dr Robert O Young

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