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NOTE: Innerlight products are no longer available. But there are other, similiar products developed by Dr Young which you can find here.

Prime pH by InnerlightPrime pH Drops is a micro-ionized colloidal liquid made of de-mineralized water and sodium-chloride. It is a unique oxygen catalyst that helps your blood absorb oxygen from water more easily and contributes to the neutralizing effects of Supergreens. When using Prime pH Drops with pure water the alkalinity of it rises to approximately 9.5 on the pH scale (this is important when alkalizing the body), which has been shown to oxygenate and balance the body.

Prime pH colloidal pH drops amplify the positive benefits of Supergreens and supply the body with additional electrons and oxygen, helping eradicate free radicals that damage cells and accelerate aging. These alkaline water drops also help the body creating its own mineral buffers to neutralize disease-promoting acid waste. Prime pH drops are designed to be combined with Supergreens and pure water or alkaline water to create an energizing and alkalizing green drink.

The Importance of Alkalizing the Body with Prime pH Drops

Why is our body overly acidic in the first place? Because of poor nutrition! Convenience foods, artificial sweeteners, too much meat, breads and donuts etc. all can be hold responsible for an acidic internal environment. Too much acidity promotes the growth of harmful micro organisms, such as yeast, fungi, molds, bacteria and viruses. Many health problems are caused by an overly acidic body environment. Many microforms thrive in that acidic environment. The lowered levels of oxygen and the presence of excessive acid wastes create a number of problems that are detrimental to your health.

Chronic pain in various parts of the body is more often than not a sign of excess acidity. Micro organisms take advantage of the body's weaker areas, breaking down tissues, interfering with bodily processes and making use of our cellular material for their growth and development. Signs of microform overgrowth as a result of too much acidity include digestive issues, weight gain, fungal/yeast infections, muscle and joint pain, migraines, chronic low energy, depression and more.

As long as sufficient minerals are supplied in the diet, acid levels don't rise and the body can regulate pH effectively. That means, you need to help your body return to its slightly alkaline state of 7.365 on the pH scale. How? With alkaline food and Alkaline pH drops. As this happens, those troublesome microforms will be brought under control, and many of the symptoms you may be suffering from – which are actually warning signals from your body that something is wrong – will disappear. You can actually help your body regain its balanced state by providing it with alkalizing pH drops that will neutralize those acidity-promoting substances.

pH Drops and Alkaline Water

Did you ever think of why water is so important in life? Our body is 70% water - water composes 70% of muscle, 25% of fats, 75% of the brain, and over 80% of the blood. It regulates the body temperature, cushions and protects vital organs, aids in digestion, transports nutrients within each cell and dispels wastes. Water can also help prevent kidney stones.

One long-term study showed that woman who drink more than five glasses of water a day have a 45% less risk of colon cancer. Yet another study showed a decreased chance of bladder cancer when more than 2.5 quarts of water were consumed daily. Maintaining that level is very important to the overall health. For optimal health results one should try to drink a gallon of (alkaline!) water per day.

Water can be made even more beneficial to your body by adding sodium silicate or chlorine dioxide to the water. In doing so it becomes more alkalizing, oxygenating, and pH balancing. PH drops act as oxygen catalysts to help bring more oxygen into your blood and thus to your body cells. Prime pH, formulated by Innerlight, is such a colloidal pH drops formula that acts as water and oxygen catalyst in your blood. By adding it to water, it alkalizes, oxygenates and balances the body.

Prices Prime pH:
Prime pH drops 1oz - $ 20.95
Prime pH drops 2oz - $ 35.95
Prime pH drops 3oz - $ 39.95 (10 samples, each 1/3 oz)
Prime pH drops 4oz - $ 62.95

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