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The Importance of pH Balance

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Supplementation actually is only half the battle. Even taking Supergreens and Prime pH drops will not counter all the ill effects of a poor diet. True health can only be gained through the pairing of a good diet and an effective supplement. Why?

Because our body needs to be in pH balance! The body strives to maintain a number of balances. Temperature, for instance, is a vital balance that our body works to maintain. Slight variations above or below the normal 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit can result in serious problems and even cause death. But as important as this is, pH Balance is even more important!

The pH scale is a measure of acidity and alkalinity, and on a scale of one to 14, with seven being neutral, pH represents how acidic or alkaline a substance is.
When acid and alkaline substances meet in certain ratios, they neutralize each other. Our body seeks to maintain a pH level of 7.365, which is slightly alkaline. With the exception of certain body systems – especially the stomach and colon – the body tries to maintain that alkaline pH level.

The Importance of pH Balance

The importance of maintaining pH Balance becomes clear when we understand the effects of acidification on the body. When it registers that it is becoming acidic, it will take measures to counteract the problem. Normally, our body has stores of Alkaline Substances – such as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium etc. – that it can employ to help regain an alkaline state.

However, when insufficient amounts of these substances are present, either because of malnutrition or over-acidification (acidosis!), the body will start to pull alkaline minerals from other areas, like bones for the calcium, or muscle for the magnesium. Unfortunately, these other areas need those minerals as well and are weakened by the gleaning that the body is forced to do in order to maintain pH balance.

Over-Acidification as a Result of pH Imbalance

Our bodies cannot tolerate extended acid imbalances. In early stages of pH imbalance, symptoms may not be very serious. However, as the imbalance continues to worsen, more serious complications can arise. Weakened organs and systems start to fail. Eventually the over-acidification causes oxygen levels in your body to drop, which in turn stops metabolism. In other words, cells begin to die – which means you die as well.

Because of this danger, your body will pull alkaline substances from other body parts in order to maintain the pH balance. But this harvesting of alkaline substances from other systems is just the start. Your body uses blood to transfer acid wastes to be excreted through urine, sweat or as vapor through your lungs.

When the blood becomes overloaded with acids, it begins to unload the excess acid into the body's tissues. This alerts the immune system, which then tries to eliminate as much of the acid as possible. Any acid it can't handle is returned to the blood again, which starts a vicious cycle of employing otherwise occupied alkaline substances as well as overstressing the kidneys and liver.

When excess acid wastes are present, your body is forced to store them in areas of fatty deposits such as the breasts, hips, belly and even the brain. The wastes may also be stored in your heart, pancreas, liver or colon. Have you ever seen the effects of acid rain? Well imagine that damage inside of your body and you begin to see the picture.

When the body turns acidic it becomes very repetitive to the internal development of micro organisms that are born out of body cells and thrive in acidic environments. Fungi, yeast, moulds, bacteria and viruses all thrive in acidic environments. They ferment blood sugars and proteins, creating metabolic acids that can cause a number of symptoms ranging from annoying to chronic to fatal.

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