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Metabolic Acidosis – What is that?

NOTE: Innerlight products are no longer available. But there are other, similiar products developed by Dr Young which you can find here.

Metabolic Acidosis or Over-Acidification – who hasn't heard of that... Many of us have to struggle with it. A constantly acidic environment inevitably leads to over-acidified body cells and low blood and tissue pH. Our hectic lifestyles, eating fast food on the run, being stressed out and environmentally polluted – these factors (and more) disrupt natural cell functions. If cells don't perform optimally, we are prone to health issues.

An acidic and anaerobic organism that is lacking oxygen is the perfect breeding ground for fungi, bacterias, viruses and other harmful micro organisms that can damage organ systems. Consequently our body cells switch from healthy (slightly) alkaline to unhealthy acidified. In other words, this over-acidification / metabolic acidosis may interrupt cellular activities and functions, which is the major root of illness and disease.

If the body becomes more and more acidic and is approaching metabolic acidosis, it wants to fight back and protect vital internal organs from damage. That means we have to interpret and read the signs and symptoms our body is sending us. Typical symptoms and Causes of Acidosis and over-acidification are:

Metabolic Acidosis – The Symptom Overweight

It is well known that excess acids and metabolic wastes are stored as fat cells in body tissue – it's a protecting mechanism. In order to protect the body from tissue and organ damage it „produces“ new fat cells. Countless people assert that changing to a healthy alkaline and pH neutral lifestyle made them lose pound after pound.

Metabolic Acidosis – The Symptoms Energy Loss & Fatigue

If body cells are constantly over-acidified the oxygen level inside us is severely lowered. That leads to fatigue, energy loss and weariness. Eating and drinking alkaline makes you feel alert, fit and full of energy.

Metabolic Acidosis – The Symptom Acne

There are many different kinds of acne and pimples. But we know for sure that unhealthy, low nutrient, and acid producing foods worsen the skin flora.

Metabolic Acidosis – The Symptom Allergies

Toxins and metabolic waste that is produced withing a low oxygen and high acid environment can trigger allergies. But not only the most common allergies based on immunodeficiency. Moreover, they can even trigger food allergies: once the digestive tract is weakened, the breakdown of amino acids is less efficient, which can lead to food allergies.

Metabolic Acidosis – The Symptom Weak Immune System

If the body pH is low and unbalanced, micro organisms can grow more easily and attack the cell system, resulting in a weakened immune system. People with a weak immune system are prone to colds, bronchitis, head aches and other illnesses.


We can eat alkaline food, we can drink alkaline water, and we can take Alkaline Supplements such as Supergreens by Innerlight. That is how we balance our system and neutralize harmful acids!

When pH balance is achieved through these supplements, your body naturally drops to its healthy weight, you won't have any further food cravings and your energy levels will increase immensely. Above that, as soon as the acidic waste environment is eliminated, there is no need for new fat cells to form and there won't be any Metabolic Acidosis!

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