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Innerlight Supergreens Ingredients

NOTE: Innerlight products are no longer available. But there are other, similiar products developed by Dr Young which you can find here.

Innerlight Supergreens Ingredients

Innerlight Supergreens contains 49 different grasses, sprouted grains, vegetables and leaves, as well as 125 minerals, vitamins and amino acids. The nutrient and fibre rich Supergreens formula helps to gently yet efficiently pull the body into balance, from an acid state, to an alkaline state. Supergreens boosts your energy, makes you sleep through the night, reduces migraine headaches and eliminates digestive problems.

Innerlight Supergreens Ingredients are:

Green Kamut grass, Barley grass, Lemon grass, Shave grass, Wheat grass, Bilberry leaf, Alfalfa leaf, Dandelion leaf, Black walnut leaf, Blackberry leaf, Plantain leaf, Red raspberry leaf, Boldo leaf, Goldenseal leaf, Papaya leaf, Strawberry leaf, Rosemary leaf, Soy lecithin, White willow bark, Slippery elm bark, Marshmallow root, Pau d'arco bark, Cornsilk, Beta Carotene, Rose hips (Rose canina) fruit, Echinacea tops, Couch grass, Meadowsweet herb, Oat Grass, Soy sprouts, Kale leaf, Spinach leaf, Okra fruit, Cabbage herb, Celery seed, Parsley leaf, Broccoli floret, Turmeric rhizome, Tomato fruit, Watercress herb, Alfalfa leaf juice, Peppermint leaf, Spearmint leaf, Wintergreen leaf, Sage leaf, Thyme leaf, High frequency Mineral Mix, Aloe Vera leaf concentrate.

Kamut Grass, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass

Vegetables aren't the only source of great nutrients – whatever can be said for vegetables can also be said for grasses. Grasses are a major component of the Innerlight Supergreens Ingredients and are a great source of chlorophyll, being incredibly nutrient dense, some even more than vegetables - they will help detoxify your body, improve body function such as digestion and immunity, and give you energy and stamina. Three example-ingredients of Supergreens characterize the health benefits of grasses:

Kamut Grass
Kamut is the purest and least allergy-inducing wheat on the market! It has more protein, more lipids and more of magnesium, zinc and six other minerals than wheat grass. Kamut grass finds its origins in the Nile region of Egypt. The deep green leaf of Kamut grass is a nutrient-filled Superfood – quite possibly the most nutrient rich food on the planet, because it's 100% organic and has never been crossbred – thus maintaining its purity.

Wheat Grass
More that 100 food elements, including every identified mineral, and trace minerals and vitamin B complex, can be found in Wheat Grass. It is also rich in vitamin C, E and K, and has one of the highest levels of vitamin A in any food. Not only that, but Wheat Grass is also 25% protein, and it has high amounts of an antifungal / antimycotoxin called laetrile.

Barley Grass
Barley Gras has seven times (!) more vitamin C than oranges and four times as much thiamine (vitamin B1) as whole wheat flour (Barley Grass has even 30 times as much as milk).

The Green Ingredients of Supergreens

The majority of our body needs can be met through green vegetables, grasses and sprouts. All essential vitamins, minerals and even protein and carbohydrates can be found in concentrated plant food like Supergreens. But the benefits don't stop here: Super Greens also contains biologically active substances that have proven health benefits. Here is a list of some of these beneficial substances:

+ Chlorophyll: Chlorophyll gives plants, and especially green vegetables, their green color. Chlorophyll helps blood to deliver oxygen throughout the body, reduces the binding of carcinogens to DNA, and can also help break down calcium stones.

+ Plant Enzymes: Our body uses enzymes for the chemical activities necessary to maintain life. Plant enzymes, among other factors, aid in digestion. This frees the body's enzymes for other activities, providing more energy and aiding in repair.

+ Phytonutrients give plants color – like the yellow, orange and red of summer squash, carrots and bell peppers. Studies continue to show that Phytonutrients help prevent cancer, lower cholesterol, relieve arthritis and osteoporosis, and more.

Because Innerlight Supergreens Ingredients are preserved through low-dehydration techniques, these beneficial substances are kept intact. When you supplement your diet with Super Greens you receive the full benefits of these powerful plant parts.

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