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NOTE: Innerlight products are no longer available. But there are other, similiar products developed by Dr Young which you can find here.

Dr Robert O Young is a microbiologist and nutritionist and founder of the company InnerLight Worldwide Inc. He is a pioneer of analyzing living blood cells and has spent years researching diseased and healthy cells under the microscope. He discovered that the essence of life is derived almost exclusively through plants, and that every cell in the body needs the light derived from green plants.

Especially important for the human body system is the green plant pigment chlorophyll. Chlorophyll contained in plants and grasses is identical to the blood of humans, except of one atom. It is the only known and existing substance that is able to transform sunlight into edible energy (without this process there wouldn't be life on our planet)! In other words we “eat sunlight” when we eat salad, greens and vegetables.

The Energy of Green Plants

That means, the greater the amount of green foods consumed, the greater the health benefits achieved. So the mission for Dr Robert O Young was clear: to „harvest“ the energy of green plants and direct this energy to individual human cells. The result is a family of alkaline nutritional supplements, based on nature, plants and minerals, in both capsule and liquid colloidal form (colloids are tiny particles that are instantly absorbed by body cells).

These products not only increase energy, but also help to destroy harmful organisms that decrease one's energy and vitality. The electric charge and frequency of these particles are designed to match that of the body's cells. In this manner, a new level of health may be achieved; health problems, negative symptoms, illness, fatigue, and excess weight diminished.

According to Dr. Young's program, the nutrients found in his alkaline supplements can bring the body back into balance. The vitamins, minerals, and herbs infuse the body with new energy, adjusting less energized areas to a new level of “Inner Light”.

Why we need minerals

When our dietary supply of minerals is inadequate and acid wastes accumulate, the body will find minerals where it can. This may mean pulling them from the bones (calcium) or muscles (magnesium). The consequences can be dire.

A seven-year study conducted on 9000 subjects at the University of California-San Francisco, found that woman with chronic acidosis (i.e. over-acidity of the blood and tissues) were at greater risk for bone loss (osteoporosis) than those with normal pH levels. The scientists conducting the study concluded that an acidic diet is a major contributing factor to the bone fractures so prevalent in middle-aged woman.

That is the reason why we need healthy minerals in addition to our alkaline diet. The ingredients and raw materials in Dr. Young's Supergreens are gathered from the purest sources and tested with a mass spectrometer to ensure they contain no pesticides and toxins. Supergreens include 125 vitamins, minerals and amino acids and balance the body's pH and provide the nutrients needed for proper production of healthy cells.

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