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InnerLight Supergreens & Prime pH - Dosage Instructions

NOTE: Innerlight products are no longer available. But there are other, similiar products developed by Dr Young which you can find here.

Prime pH drops how they workPrime pH: In the first 2 days only water with 6–8 drops Prime pH in each liter of water that you drink. Try to drink 2-3 liter per day. Afterwards slowly increase the amount of Prime pH. Target: 12-16 drops Prime pH in each liter of water that you drink. Per 20kg body weight drink 1 liter water, if possible (80kg weight = 4 Liter water daily).

Innerlight Supergreens Dosage InstructionsSupergreens Powder: Only starting with day 3 add the powder in small amounts to the water with Prime pH: ½ scoop per liter water, 2-3 liter per day, for 4 days. Starting with day 5, increase the amount of Supergreens: ½-1 scoop per liter water, 2-3 liter per day, for 1 week. Target: 1 scoop Supergreens in 1 liter water together with 12-16 drops Prime pH, 3-4x daily

Supergreens Capsules DosageSuperGreens Capsules: Water and Prime pH as described above. From day 3 on: 2 capsules after breakfast, for 4 days. From day 8 on: increase to 2 capsules in the morning, and 1 capsule early afternoon. From day 15 on: increase to 2 capsules in the morning, and 2 Supergreens capsules early afternoon. Target: 2 capsules 3x daily OR 3 capsules 2x daily.

The easiest way to drink Super Greens & Prime pH is to fill it in a water bottle, and shake it well to thoroughly dissolve the green powder. The taste of Super Greens is somewhat similar to that of (cold) green tea. If you like you can add some lemon juice (lemon juice is alkaline).

Start slowly - but don't stop! Start with just water and Prime pH (pH drops), and add the Supergreens by InnerLight a few days later! Initial detoxifying symptoms such as head ache, diarrhea or gases may occur. They are a good sign of the body's reaction to the Super Greens and that toxins are being neutralized. Don't stop here! Drink plenty of Alkaline Water, this ensures the rinsing out of body toxins. Go on, until the detox symptoms vanish.

Supergreens-Drink Advantage
The Super Greens formula has a special blend of vegetables, grasses, leaves and sprouted grains. Growing these components organically ensures that they have the maximum nutrients available. They contain of hundreds of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, while it takes up to 2 pounds of fresh ingredients to produce just one ounce of the Supergreens powder.

Another advantage is that it is super energized! By using proprietary bio-energetic techniques to colloidally charge the Supergreens, it has the power to supercharge the body. Moreover, it contains no harmful algae, fungus or probiotics, which can all throw you off your pH Balance. Unfortunately, many greens drink formulas contain these products.

Supergreens does not contain sweeteners - sugars and artificial sweeteners ferment in your body when broken down, which not only causes your body to turn acidic, but can cause other problems as well. Instead, these powders should contain as much concentrated sprouted greens as possible, such as Kamut Grass.

Kamut Grass is incredibly nutrient dense, and contains dozens of vitamins, minerals and macro nutrients (e.g. Chlorophyll, Beta-Carotene, Vitamin A, Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin B, Phosphorous, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Calcium, just to name a few). But Kamut Grass has more to offer than nutritional value. Kamut also balances the ph levels of your body; provides protein-completing amino acids; contains enzymes that are identical to our body's; acts as a cleanser and detoxifier; and contributes to cell and tissue growth.

InnerLight Supergreens of course contains Kamut, as well as 48 other sprouted and highly concentrated vegetables, greens, grasses, leaves and sprouted grains.

Innerlight Starter PackInnerlight Starter Bundle
The Starter Bundle contains everything you need to have a great start into your Alkaline Life: 1x Supergreens Powder 1/4 lb; 1x LL Prime pH 1oz; 1x Energy-Bar; 32oz Water bottle; 1x Optimal Health Brochure; 1x CD: Interview with Dr. O. Young.
Note: If taken daily Supergreens Powder 1/4 lb & Prime pH 1oz is good for 1 person for approx. 5-6 weeks.
Price per Bundle: $51.95

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