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Benefits of InnerLight SuperGreens

NOTE: Innerlight products are no longer available. But there are other, similiar products developed by Dr Young which you can find here.

Benefits of Innerlight Supergreens

Many green Superfoods advertise that they support the body in ways of freedom from aches and pains, increased resistance from to colds and flu, more effortless weight management, improved mood, enhanced mental clarity, increased energy, less food cravings etc…

But do they keep up to their promises?
The Benefits of Innerlight Supergreens definitely keep up to their promise, as following effects were reported by many people taking Supergreens and Prime pH:

  1. At the beginning detoxifying symptoms like diarrhea, flu like symptoms, or a feeling of tiredness may occur. But it's a good sign that the body is expelling stored toxins from the body.
  2. Feeling of being less hungry and thus less consumption of food. Drinking a quart of the Supergreens when feeling hungry makes the hunger disappear, in most cases.
  3. Food cravings do get smaller. Especially for foods like bread, soda pop, sweets, meats and other highly acidic foods.
  4. Increased cravings for salads and vegetables in general.
  5. Losing of excess fat. 10lbs less in the first month (while drinking 3-4 quarts Supergreens a day) is not uncommon.
  6. Extreme increase in energy. Body feels powered and fit from within. Athletes reported getting more power and energy, having less muscle pain the day after exercise.
  7. Very good and very deep sleep, no naps during daytime needed.
  8. Visibly better and smoother skin.
  9. Clearer thinking, losing of the foggy sensations one sometimes got in mind.
  10. Increased ability to handle stress.

Super-Greens-Effect Weight Loss

Those struggling with excess weight can see countless advertisements of thousands of weight loss products in newspapers or on TV every day. Yet most of these people don't ever know WHY they are overweight in the first place. Many people like to have more energy throughout the day, but the snacks and caffeinated drinks that many consume are highly acidic and therefore a major reason for the building up of fat cells.

By creating acidity in tissue, blood and body cells, these typical snacks, and fast food, processed food, yeast containing products, sweets etc. interfere with healthy energy production and often result in subsequent weight gain.

The reason for that is the body's response to excess acidity: it builds up fat cells to prevent vital organs from acid waste. However, as soon as the acidic environment is eliminated, the fat inside the body is no longer needed, and literally melts away.

How can this be done?

a) With Alkaline Food: Alkaline foods are mostly vegetables, especially raw ones. Most alkalizing are wheat and alfalfa grasses, fresh cucumber and some kind of sprouts. Furthermore, limes, tomatoes and avocado also have an alkalizing effect to our body, same as most kind of seeds, tofu, fresh soybeans, almonds, or olive oil.

b) With Supergreens: Super Greens is designed to improve the body's acid-alkaline balance (pH balance) and supply vital nutrients the body needs to produce healthy cells and enhance energy levels. Super Greens contain of dozens of different grasses, vegetables, sprouted grains and leaves, and hundreds of minerals, amino acids and vitamins. The raw materials are super concentrated and broken down into smallest particles called colloids, making them easy for the body's cells to absorb.

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