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InnerLight SuperGreens Powder

NOTE: Innerlight products are no longer available. But there are other, similiar products developed by Dr Young which you can find here.

Supergreens Green Powder

Supergreens of Innerlight is a green plants blend designed to improve the acid-alkaline balance and supply vital nutrients every body needs. The greens consist not only of 49 different green vegetables, sprouts, grasses and leaves, but of over 120 minerals and vitamins as well.

The unprocessed and organic materials of Supergreens are harvested directly after germination, which is actually at the peak of the plant's nutritional state – in this way they provide 30-50 times more nutrients than mature plants we typically by at the supermarket!

Supergreens' ingredients are super concentrated (20:1) and will be broken down by de-hydration and micro-ionization into the smallest possible particles (colloids) to guarantee easy and fast absorption. They are being constantly and thoroughly tested by our scientists regarding toxins, pesticides etc., to make sure they are of highest quality.

Electrically charged Super Food Supergreens

The higher the frequency of a food, the better for our health. Our body performs optimally (regarding energy and metabolism) once it gets a food-frequency of 70 MHz. Now compare hamburgers and cheeseburgers with 3-6 MHz, and raw green vegetables with 70-90 MHz. But Supergreens is even better than raw greens: To further enhance cellular functions and improve absorption and digestion of the Super Greens, we electrically charge the colloids with a 250 MHz frequency!

You can't believe that? Believe it! Just open a jar of Supergreens and take a spoon. Put it into the powder and see how the small electrically charged particles attach to the spoon like onto a magnet!

Supergreens Superfood Nutrition Facts

Micro-biologists and scientists recommend 5 servings of (green) vegetables a day, because the majority of the body's needs can be met through fresh green veggies or super greens powder – and not through meat! Supergreens contains an abundance of substances that have proven health benefits:

  • Vitamins, minerals, amino acids - nutrients your body needs
  • Plant food contains protein, carbohydrates and fats – actually no other food is needed
  • Huge amounts of Chlorophyll – identical to hemoglobin (except of 1 atom) – a powerful blood builder
  • Plant enzymes - for better digestion
  • Phytonutrients - help prevent cancer, arthritis and osteoporosis, and lower cholesterol levels

The vegetables and greens of the Supergreens powder colloids are mixed with water (or taken as capsules) and Prime pH booster drops (to increase alkalinity) to create a refreshing alkaline Supergreens Power Drink loaded with huge amounts of nutrients to benefit your health and well-being.

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